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Electron Microscopy Facility
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Our Transmission Electron Microscopy Core Facility provides the following services on a recharge basis:

1.Embedding for Routine Morphology TEM  & Ultrathin Plastic Sectioning:

    for imaging cell and tissue structure and sub-cellular ultrastructure

2.Immuno Labeling of Semithin Cryosections:

    for (co-) localization of antigens or tracers in cells and tissues by immunofluorescence (IF) on physical (instead of optical) sections, between 200 nm and 1µm thick

3.Immuno Labeling of Ultrathin Cryosections:

    for sub-cellular (co-) localization of antigens or tracers in cells and tissues by EM using gold conjugated secondary reagents

4.Negative Staining and Nanoparticles:

    for imaging of small, 3-dimensional structures adhering to grids,

    with or without immunolabeling

5.Transmission Electron Microscopy & Digital Imaging:

    basic training in (cryo-) sectioning and/or electron microscope operation, with assistance while using our electron microscopes and help with digital imaging


    Please see our PROCEDURES page on how to submit samples, and CONTACT US with any questions.

Please note that we do not have experience with, or equipment for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), freeze fracture work or cryo-EM (not to be confused with our immuno-EM on ultrathin cryosections).

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