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Immunolabelling for Protein Localization

immunolabelling for protein localization"Tokuyasu-style" cryosections

This method consists of sectioning samples in an aqueous solution at cryogenic temperature samples.

While the ultrastructure is not as good as the epoxy-resin embedding method, proteins maintain better antigenicity and can be immunolabeled using antibodies conjugated with gold nanoparticles.

This technic is suitable for protein localization and counting on electron micrographs.

 After the reception of the specimen, we freeze and cryosection the samples. We can perform the immunolabeling or teach you how to do it. Similarly, for imaging, we can do it for you or train you how to operate the electron microscope.

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IF on cryosectionsWe also perform immunofluorescence on semithin cryosections. While this is useful to identify regions of interest in tissues and cell pellets before immunocytochemistry, the images produced are extremely sharp, as the fluorophore signal is not blurred by out-of-focus fluorescence.

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